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Zip your Amazon S3 bucket or a folder, or download the zip

Use CloudZip to create a downloadable zip archive of files in your Amazon S3 bucket. You can choose to zip all or some of the files in your S3 bucket, and automatically create one or more zip files each up to 4GB. The service includes a separate csv listing of all your files that were zipped, and the urls to download your zips. The zip and csv listing are stored in your bucket so you maintain control over your content. Use the provided url or S3 Console to download the zip of your content. Multiple zip and csv listing files may be created depending on the number and size of files being zipped. To get started Sign In and click the service Begin Now link and you'll be taken to a form where you should enter the following required information in the fields:

After you have entered the above information, click Verify to validate your entries. Next click Pay Now to authorize the transaction and begin the service.

After clicking Pay Now, you'll get an email receipt confirming that your service has started. The actual time to create your zip file and generate the file listing depends on the size of the zip file content and the number of items and folders in your source folder or bucket. When the service has completed you'll get a confirmation email that contains a hyperlink to your listing. You may then download a copy of your zip file and listing, share the links, etc.

Features and Benefits of CloudZip service to Zip and Download your S3 bucket files and folders

Create a zip file of your Amazon S3 bucket contents, optionally download the zip. This service includes an informative csv format listing of the files that were included in the zip files. When the service completes you can download your bucket zip archive files and listings right to your computer. The zip and csv listing are stored in your bucket and vault so you maintain control over your content.

Great for backups, copying your files from S3, and archiving S3 snapshots in Glacier cold-storage! If you are moving data to Amazon Glacier, this service is a great way to archive 1000s of files in your bucket into a few objects. Use this zip service to create large archives to download or store in your Glacier vault. For each object put into a vault Glacier charges a small fee, and by using zips it helps lower the cost moving to Glacier.

Depending on the number and size of files being zipped, multiple zip files may be created. The file listing includes destination object/file names, original size, last modified date, S3 url and source path. The csv listing itself is zipped and you may download it right to your computer.

Priced at $ 0.75 USD per use per 4 GB of source files, or $ 0.75 USD per generated zip archive.

To see more details and start a service, click the Register link above, or Sign In if you have already registered.