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List all archives from your Glacier Vault Inventory in csv format

Create a spreadsheet that lists all the archives from your last Glacier Vault Inventory including their name/description, size, creation date, SHA256TreeHash, and archive identifier. Download and share the result. Use the listing to select and download archives from your Amazon Glacier Vault, and reconcile your inventory and identify the last time your vault archives were updated. This service operates in the cloud and does not use your local bandwidth or browser during the listing process.

How do I list all archives in my AWS Glacier Vault in csv format ?

Use this Glacier Vault Listing service to produce a vault inventory archive listing in simple text / comma-separated value (CSV) format.
When you are ready to retrieve archives from your vault, use the Glacier Archive Retrieval service by CloudZip to browse your inventory, select, retrieve, and save your archives into the S3 bucket and folder of your choosing.
When you Sign In and click the Begin Now link you'll be taken to a form where you should enter the following required information in the fields:

After you have entered the above information, click Verify to validate your entries. Next click Pay Now to authorize the transaction and begin the service.

After clicking Pay Now, you'll get an email receipt confirming the transaction that your service has started. The actual time to generate the listing depends on the Glacier inventory service. When the listing has completed you'll get a confirmation email that contains a hyperlink to your listing. You may then download a copy of your listing, share the link, etc.

Features and Benefits of CloudZip's service to list your AWS Glacier Vault Inventory in csv format

The Glacier Vault Inventory Listing service by CloudZip will submit an inventory listing request for your vault, wait for it to complete, and email you the listing results and include a URL to share the inventory listing.

This service's listing is simple text / comma-separated value (CSV) format that contains name/description, size, creation date, SHA256TreeHash, and archive identifier of all the archives in your vault. Download the CSV right to your computer or share the link. Use a text viewer or common spreadsheet program to use the csv file list. It is tedious and time-consuming to manage 1000s of archives in Glacier, so use this archive listing to make life easier.

The vault inventory listing request may take 4 or more hours to run, and generates a point-in-time snapshot of your vault inventory. Your vault inventory is updated about once a day by Glacier, and you can see the last time it was updated in the AWS Glacier Console.

Priced at $ 0.75 USD per use.

To see more details and start a service, click the Register link above, or Sign In if you have already registered.