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Analyze your AWS S3 storage usage

Determine your storage footprint breakdown path prefix, bucket, type, version, age, storage class.
Finding the paths to previous versions and old data is challenging, and Insight4Storage makes it easier to manage your storage usage.
Discover AWS S3 path prefix, bucket, type, version, age, storage class; register and start using the service for your AWS account

Top storage

Top storage displays the percentage of bucket storage used per storage class.
In this screenshot below, the total storage by class relative size comparison shows the majority of storage is Infrequent Access.
Example S3 total storage size by class relative comparison indicates the majority of storage is Infrequent Access in one page

Top Paths

Web based interface makes it easy to share URLs for top path prefixes with unexpected large footprint, age, type, version, or storage class.
In this screenshot below, the relative size of paths comparison shows the largest standard storage path is 88.9% of one bucket.
Click on the path to see the other paths in that bucket and their respective contributions to total size.
Example S3 top path prefixes by size, version, and storage class in one page

Top Categories of File Extension

Insight4Storage scans the prefix, metadata, file extension, and size of the objects in your buckets and provides a deep view using paths to analyze your storage usage.
In this screenshot below, the majority of storage is zip and jar files that use the Infrequent Access storage class.
Click on the category to see the contributor buckets and paths that identify where the data is stored.
Example S3 total size by file extension type category per prefix in one page

Data Accumulated by Week

Display your data age by week to determine the bucket and path of your oldest and biggest data.
In this screenshot below, the storage footprint more than doubled within last 2 weeks.
Clicking on the week where cumulative storage size increased will display the bucket and path where the data was stored.
Example S3 total size by age identifies orphan data with drilldown to blame per prefix

Top Buckets

Refresh scanned storage metrics on-demand or by schedule. The bucket level metrics shown in the screenshot below,
shows the percentage of cloudwatch total size compared to the crawled data total size.
The difference between the total and crawled values is an estimate of recent data write, delete, or lifecycle activity,
after the cloudwatch metric was last updated.
Example S3 total storage per bucket and class stacked view with top bucket details

Subscribing and Running Insight4Storage AMI in AWS EC2/VPC

If you wish to run Insight4Storage in your AWS VPC on an EC2 instance with custom security group, then visit, search for Insight4Storage and subscribe to the latest secure AMI. You can then launch the image on your own custom EC2 instance, use it for as many seats as desired, and retain your data collection for as long as needed using provisioned block storage. To submit support questions about using that AMI, sign into and click Feedback.

To see more details and try Insight4Storage, click the Register link above, or Sign In if you have already registered.