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Analyze your AWS S3 storage usage footprint by path prefix, bucket, type, version, age, and storage class

Insight4Storage scans the prefix, metadata, and size of the objects in your buckets and provides a deep view using paths to analyze your storage usage. Displays the percentage of bucket storage used per path prefix, file extension categories, creation age, previous versions, and storage class. User interface makes it easy to spot top path prefixes with unexpected large footprint, age, type, version, or storage class. Compares the scanned S3 measurements with last daily CloudWatch metrics to estimate recent activity. Refresh scanned storage metrics on-demand or by schedule.

Purchase Insight4Storage Service

Start Insight4Storage by signing up with CloudZip, and using Amazon Pay to buy the service. You will need to specify the keys of an IAM User with access to your AWS S3 buckets and CloudWatch.

When you click Begin Now above, you'll be taken to a page where you should enter the following required information in the fields :

After you have entered the above information, click Verify and then Pay Now.

Opening Insight4Storage

Following the payment processing, you may open Insight4Storage user interface by clicking the provided URL. The URL is revealed immediately on-screen in the Home page service status list, or via email to the registered user. The URL is active for the number of weeks specified with your purchase.

Service Pricing

Priced at $ 0.00 USD for demonstration purposes, includes unlimited data capture scans for the number of weeks purchased. You are responsible for the S3 API call cost, that is typically $0.005 per 1000 paths scanned. Demonstration data may be removed without notice. Use the EC2 AMI to retain your data for as long as needed.

Getting Started

Subscribing and Running Insight4Storage AMI in AWS EC2/VPC

If you wish to run Insight4Storage in your AWS VPC on an EC2 instance, then visit, search for Insight4Storage and subscribe to the latest secure AMI. You can then launch the image on your own custom EC2 instance, security group, and use it for as many seats as desired, and retain your data collection for as long as needed using provisioned block storage. Insight4Storage AMI Installation instructions included in the CloudZip IAM User Setup page. To submit support questions about using that AMI, sign into and click Feedback for more information.

To see more details and start a service, click the Register link above, or Sign In if you have already registered.