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View images from your AWS S3 bucket

This service creates a HTML webpage to view your thumbnail images from S3 in your browser, and clicking a thumbnail opens the original image. Download the HTML web page result, host on your site, or edit and share. Great alternative way to share photo albums and digital catalogs. This Image Viewer service is compatible with CloudZip Image Resize services.

How do I view my images or photos from my AWS S3 bucket ?

First use one of the Cloudzip Image Resize services to create thumbnails from your original images. Next, use CloudZip Image Viewer service to scan your S3 bucket or one subfolder, and produce a HTML file that will render your thumbnail images in your browser. Clicking a thumbnail in the HTML will open the original image in a new tab. The image names and paths within the generated HTML are URL encoded to handle spaces and special characters.

There are two ways to find thumbnails and you choose one when starting the service: first is a prepended prefix mode that finds thumbnails based on their filename prefix, and the other is subfolder mode that renders thumbnails from paths matching specific subfolders. Prepended prefix mode assumes the thumbnail images are co-located in the same S3 folder as the original image, and you enter the prefix to identify the thumbnails. Subfolder mode finds any subfolders matching the name you enter and renders any contained images as thumbnails, and the original images are assumed to be in the parent folder and relative by path (i.e. after removing the thumb specific subfolder). For more details continue reading below.

This example uses prepended prefix mode, view the page source to see the image path and name: example CloudZip image viewer for S3 images with prepended prefixes. The thumbnail is /bucket/archive/2015/thumb_image.jpg that links to original image /bucket/archive/2015/image.jpg, in this case enter thumb_ in the form.

This example uses subfolder inside multiple parent subfolders, view the page source to see the image path and name: example CloudZip image viewer for S3 images in thumb subfolders. The thumbnail is /bucket/archive/2015/thumb/image.jpg that links to original image /bucket/archive/2015/image.jpg, in this case enter thumb in the form.

This example uses subfolder of a singe parent, view the page source to see the image path and name: example CloudZip image viewer for S3 images in thumbs/small subfolders. The thumbnail is /bucket/Archive/thumbs/small/2015/1/image.jpg that links to /bucket/Archive/2015/1/image.jpg, in this case enter thumbs/small in the form. Notice an empty title and description was submitted.

When this Image Viewer service completes you are privately emailed a URL hyperlink to a zipped HTML page that you can download, unzip locally, and then open in a browser to view the images. The downloadable URL result is only available for 90 days so be sure to download it and keep a copy. If you upload the HTML file into S3 and make it public, you can share a link to it like the examples above. In order to view the images from S3, either the bucket or html and images files, need to have public read object permissions.

Beware that the S3 bucket will incur transfer charges whenever the images are downloaded or viewed, so we recommend you monitor the S3 transfer usage with S3 access logging. If usage is excessive then you should deny public access to your images using bucket or file permissions. The generated HTML contains a page-level meta tag with robots nofollow as a potential safeguard to limit bot traffic. To save money on photo storage but still be able to view them quickly, we recommend creating an AWS S3 Lifecycle policy to transition your standard storage original images to infrequent access after after 30 days.

When you Sign In and click the Begin Now link you'll be taken to a form where you should enter the following information in the fields:

After you have entered the above information, click Verify to validate your entries. Next click Pay Now to authorize the transaction and begin the service.

After clicking Pay Now, you'll get an email receipt confirming the transaction that your service has started. The actual time to generate the image view depends on the number of items and folders in your bucket. When the page creation has has completed you'll get a confirmation email that contains a hyperlink to your Image View HTML file. You may then download your file, un-compress it on your computer, and then open in a browser. You may share the link, zip file, or html file, etc.

Features and Benefits of CloudZip's Image Viewer for your S3 bucket

The Image View service will descend one or more folders your S3 bucket, and produce a HTML file that, when viewed in a web browser, will render the thumbnail images from your S3 bucket. Clicking the thumbnail should open the original image in a new browser tab. Download the zipped HTML to your computer or share the link. Use a browser to open the html file and view your images. It is tedious and time-consuming to inspect and manage 1000s of images in S3, so use this image viewer to display thumbnails and the original images. Great way to share photos or digital catalogs.

Priced at $ 1.00 USD per use.

To see more details and start a service, click the Register link above, or Sign In if you have already registered.