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Image resize and thumbnail generator for original images in your AWS S3 Bucket

This service will find PNG, JPG, and GIF original image files in the folder you specify, and will create thumbnail or other sized images within a subfolder, and set the mime-type of the thumbnail. The thumbnail file is named the same as the original image, and it is saved in a subfolder of the original image folder. This service does not use your local bandwidth during the image thumbnail generation process.

How do I resize images or generate thumbnails for images in Amazon S3 ?

Use CloudZip to generate thumbnail size image files from all your original PNG, JPG, and GIF images that are already in S3. The thumbnail image preserves the aspect ratio and filename of the original image. You enter the size of the thumbnail to fit your application. You enter the thumb subfolder where the thumb is saved. This service is compatible with Image View service, use the same subfolder. This example CloudZip Image Viewer HTML for S3 images in subfolders, uses subfolder `thumb`; view the page source to see the image path and name.

First identify your folders with the original images, then Sign In and click the Begin Now link you'll be taken to a form where you should enter the following required information in the fields :

After you have entered the above information, click Verify to validate your entries. Next click Pay Now to authorize the transaction and begin the service.

After clicking Pay Now, you'll get an email receipt confirming that your service has started. The actual time to expand your zip file depends on the size of the zip file content and the number of items and folders in your zip. When the service has completed you'll get a confirmation email.

Please refresh your S3 console to see your resized files after you get the service completed email.
To access your image content in your bucket from the internet, you may need to enable public access and configure web hosting for your bucket, refer to Amazon's documentation for more information : S3 Hosting Setup and S3 Website Hosting

Features and Benefits of CloudZip's Image thumbnail generator for S3

In many cases original images may be extremely wide format and large size, perhaps thousands of pixels wide and many megabytes. You may create smaller images from the originals with this service, for example resize the originals to 800 x 600 for faster download and display on smaller screens. The thumbnails may be any size greater than 10 pixels.

Priced at $ 1.00 USD per use per 4GB of images.

To see more details and start a service, click the Register link above, or Sign In if you have already registered.